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Welcome to my web site, dedicated to Aristotle, the first scientist. I have included an extensive report and biography on him and how his revolutionary ideas affected modern thinking. Included is a map of Ancient Greece, showing where Aristotle lived and philosophised.

This web site was produced for a school assesment report. I am currently at Prince Alfred College in South Australia, in year 12, my final year. Feel free to visit my school's site and learn about it. Thankyou to those who have entered comments into my guestbook, your comments are being noted and are being acted upon.
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Tuesday, 23rd April 2002: Yes, again a sorry gap in updating this, but hey I'm in my last year at school, and there's a lot of work to do! I've found a great website for those who would like to research more on stuff about Aristotle and science in general. I've noticed that a lot of the people in the guestbook have been doing science projects, so here's a site that is bound to help:

Wednesday, 6th February 2002: Sorry about the extreme lack of updating, but with school work and all, its hard to keep on adding stuff. I do, however have plans on extending it in the near future. Watch this space!
In the meantime, I've added advertising of my own, so please go to it - Aristotlepapers.com is a great site.

Sunday, 29 April 2001: Finally got around to some updating, have included pictures of Aristotle and revised the map. Thankyou for your feedback, please continue so I can keep on improving this site

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