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Below is a list of web sites and books that I used in the making of this site.

Fieser, J. (1998) The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

     A fantastic site, I recommend it to anyone.
Guralnick, R & Polly, D. (1998) The UC Museum of Paleontology - Aristotle

     Despite the title, a nice site.
JOC/EFR (Feb 1999), Aristotle

     An informative site, with some good quotes in the text.
Weate, J. (1998) A Young Person's Guide to Philosophy, Doring Kindersley, Sydney.

     A good starting point for beginners. A nice book.
Gaarder, J. (1999) Sophie's World, Phoenix Paperbacks, London, UK.

     A fantastic book for all ages. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to all.